Where to see the Flamingos?

Long-legged, long-necked, and well-dressed into pink feathery coats, lesser flamingos must be top models in the world of birds. The shores of Lake Nakuru is then one of the world’s greatest fashion podiums. In the peak season, local population overruns a million individuals, and the highest record was 1.5 million birds. Flamingos love the waters of Lake Nakuru for the abundance of algae they feed on. Unfortunately, recent climate changes aren’t favourable for flamingos, and their numbers have been gradually decreasing.

There are just a few spots on our planet which can boast 1.5 million flamingos colony, that is in East Africa

Flamingos boom occurs in the rainy season, between November and May, when food in the lake is aplenty. However, in drier months, especially during droughts, pink flocks move north of Lake Nakuru to another famous flamingos’ feeding ground in Kenya—Lake Bogoria where these birds are actually observed year-round.

Although gorgeous lesser flamingos are the main attraction of Lake Nakuru, be sure to see a range of other birds species, especially white pelicans, as well as other wildlife around Lake Nakuru National Park.

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